Friday, August 7, 2015

Hold the Ropes: Why We Should Financially Support Missionaries

It has been a great joy to me that after all this​ time you have shown such interest in my welfare.” I don’t mean that you had forgotten me, but up till now you had no opportunity of expressing your concern, Nor do I mean that I have been in actual need, for I have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances may be. I know now how to live when things are prosperous. Philippians 4:10-12
William Carey, who was a missionary, once said to his financial supporters, “I’ll go down into the mine, if you’ll hold the ropes.”
SAMS missionaries are all around the globe serving in the Anglican community responding to God’s call. We have a call too; to support them and hold their rope for them. Why should we support missionaries, especially financially?
1.Missionaries Teach Us: SAMS missionaries have a passion for serving. They come from several different backgrounds. For instance, Cathy Donahoe serves through physical therapy ministry, Ana Reid serves through community development and has a gift for leadership, and David Chaves has a background in videography and he and his wife, Lucy, minister to young adults. They co-founded i-hope Photography where these young people have learned photography skills to start their own businesses. When we support our missionaries and see what they are doing on the field, we actually learn new things. We learn how people are medically treated, or what the culture is like in the places they serve. We read and see new ways of living, and we discover a new scope on life in general.

2.Missionaries Encourage Us: When we support missionaries, we receive encouragement. We are able to see the work that God is doing through them. When Todd McGregor, a SAMS missionary and the Bishop of Toliara in Madagascar, announced that they were able to open a school last year, imagine what joy his Senders felt. Children can now attend school in that area because of the financial support of a Sender. When our missionaries send prayer requests we feel encouraged to partner with them. Although they could be thousands of miles away we can be uplifted by the bond he we have with our missionaries. When we see what is happening around the world it inspires us to get involved in our communities.
3.You Can Get Involved: When we support missionaries financially there are opportunities to get involved with their ministry. Missionaries are always looking for ways to participate in their service. When we are Senders, they may reach out to us to help on a short-term or team mission partners with our missionaries. We are seeking to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission alongside them.
Before considering getting involved financially, PRAY. If you are feeling called to support SAMS, or a SAMS missionary please visit our giving page. 

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