Sunday, February 12, 2012


How do you define 'traditional'? There is a spectrum of worship in Anglicanism:

1. Churches which use the Sarum Rite (Rite of Mass used before the English Reformation)
2. Churches which use the traditional (pre-Vatican II) Roman Catholic Mass (in the vernacular)
3. Churches which use the modern (post-Vatican II) Roman Catholic Mass
4. Churches which use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (possibly with outward trappings of Roman Catholicism such as vestments, incense, 6 candlesticks on or behind the altar)
5. Churches which use a liturgy from a modern prayer book based on the BCP, but with the most traditional options, and the outward trappings of Roman Catholicism mentioned in no. 4.
Note: All of the above would (most likely) have traditional hymns accompanied by an organ.
6. Churches which use a modern prayer book liturgy without the outward trappings of Roman Catholicism (priest wears cassock, surplice and stole, for example).
7. Churches which have a 'contemporary' worship service with modern music played with guitar, drums etc.

Where would you place your church? Is it down low on the list or relatively high? The church I go to is category number 5, and it is still described as an Anglo-Catholic church. If you're currently attending a category 7 church, then you would have a good reason for wanting to move. Please rate your church for us, please, so we know what you're dealing with.

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